About us

The Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) is an independent government agency responsible for the impartial conduct of Northern Territory Legislative Assembly and NT Local Government (Council) elections.


The Commission was established on 15 March 2004, following assent to the Electoral Act 2004. Before this, electoral administration was carried out by the Northern Territory Electoral Office (NTEO), a unit of the Department of the Chief Minister. The office was then headed by a Chief Electoral Officer for the Northern Territory.

Under the Act, the Commission assumed all responsibilities of the former NTEO. It was also charged with new responsibilities including:

  • Promotion of public awareness of electoral matters
  • Conduct of electoral research
  • Administration of political party registration
  • Administration of financial disclosure by candidates, donors, political entities and political parties.

Following amendments to the Local Government Act 2008 and Local Government (Electoral) Regulations, the NTEC became the service provider for the conduct of all NT Local Government (Council) elections from 1 May 2012.

Our purpose

We are committed to providing quality electoral services to clients throughout the Northern Territory, and ensuring that our electoral system, especially the right to vote and to vote in secret, is fully accessible to all electors.

Strategic direction

A contemporary electoral commission that embraces innovation and delivers electoral practices and events to the people of the Northern Territory in an inclusive, efficient and effective way.

We plan and implement strategies to meet our challenges and legislative obligations in four areas:

  • Corporate - An operating environment that features continuous improvement, is open and supportive of staff, promotes professional growth, mutual respect and recognition of achievements.
  • Elections - Conducting elections that are impartial, efficient, transparent and in accordance with the law.
  • Enrolment - Contributing to the maintenance and security of a joint roll of eligible Northern Territory electors.
  • Public awareness - A community that is well informed about its electoral rights, responsibilities, processes and available services.

More information: Corporate Plan

Core business

  • Maintain the joint electoral roll for both the NT Legislative Assembly and local government in partnership with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC
  • Conduct NT Legislative Assembly, NT Local Government (Council) and fee-for-service elections
  • Raise public awareness of voting systems and electors’ rights and responsibilities
  • Develop and deliver electoral education and information program services
  • Administration of political party registration
  • Administration of financial disclosure by candidates, donors, political entities and political parties
  • Provide support to redistribution committees and effect changes following final boundary determinations
  • Promote and undertake research into matters relating to elections and electoral administration
  • Provide reports to the Legislative Assembly and information and advice on electoral matters to the public and other stakeholders.

Key stakeholders

  • All Territorians
  • Legislative Assembly
  • Municipal and shire councils
  • Fee-for-service clients
  • Recipients of electoral roll products
  • Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)
  • Redistribution committees.

Legislative base

The Electoral Act sets out the functions and operations of the NT Electoral Commission and prescribes its electoral procedures and reporting arrangements. Importantly, the Act establishes the Commission as an independent agency with a statutory independent Electoral Commissioner who oversees the conduct of all Northern Territory parliamentary elections and referenda. This also includes the capacity to be appointed as returning officer for fee-for-service elections and industrial ballots.

Following amendments to the Local Government Act and Local Government (Electoral) Regulations, the NTEC became the service provider for the conduct of all NT Local Government (Council) elections from 1 May 2012.

The following Acts and Regulations are administered by the Commission:

More information: Legislation

Operating environment

  • Small, culturally diverse, dispersed and mobile population
  • Politically charged and sensitive context
  • Broad charter of electoral operations and corporate governance responsibilities
  • Small permanent staff structure
  • Requirement to remain innovative and implement best practice
  • High operational demands at short notice
  • Close working relationship with the Australian Electoral Commission, interstate electoral authorities and other organisations.


Since 2004, the chief executive officer of the NT Electoral Commission is the Electoral Commissioner who is appointed by the Northern Territory Administrator following advice from the Chief Minister. Before an appointment is made, the Chief Minister consults with the leader of each political party represented in the Legislative Assembly and any independent member of the Legislative Assembly. The Electoral Commissioner is appointed for a fixed term of five years.

The Commissioner oversees the conduct of all parliamentary and local government (council) elections, referenda and may be appointed as returning officer for industrial ballots and fee-for-service elections. Iain Loganathan was appointed as Electoral Commissioner in April 2014.

A small number of permanent staff is employed in the NT Electoral Commission's two offices in Darwin and Alice Springs. During general NT Legislative Assembly or NT Local Government (Council) elections, over 400 people are employed to fill electoral positions and provide corporate support.

Organisational structure


The following corporate values are considered vital to our success:

  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Commitment to high standards of service delivery
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Respect for the law.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to deliver excellence in electoral administration.

Our mission is to provide independent, impartial, high quality and accessible electoral services that are effective, efficient and delivered in accordance with the law.