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Frequently asked questions - employment

Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to work for the NTEC?

Employees of the NT Electoral Commission are required to comply with the Northern Territory Chief Health Officer Directions.

Chief Health Officer Directions No.55 of 2021 – (Direction for mandatory vaccination of workers to attend the workplace) states that a person who has not received the first does of an approved COVID-19 vaccine must not attend the worker’s workplace.  On and from 25 December 2021 a worker who has not received 2 doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine may not attend the workers workplace.  A worker may attend the workers workplace without being vaccinated if the worker has evidence of a contraindication to all approved COVID-19 vaccines.

The work that the NT Electoral Commission undertakes means that it is likely that staff may come in contact with vulnerable people. Examples include providing electoral services to voters in the community, remote mobile voting services, providing education and electoral awareness sessions to school groups.  As such, NT Electoral Commission staff are considered to be ‘workers’ for the purpose of the Directions.

The Directions state that a third dose will be required for workers in 2022 and the Directions will be amended to add that requirement when medical advice is more definite.

Do I need to provide referees?

Yes. You are required to provide details of a referee to support your expression of interest.

What if my details change?

If your details change after submitting your expression of interest, advise the NT Electoral Commission of your updated details, and if necessary, complete a new expression of interest form.

What if I am offered temporary employment?

You will receive a formal offer of employment via email.

Will the commission acknowledge receipt of my expression of interest?

Expressions of interest for temporary employment will not be acknowledged.

Will I receive training?

All casual or temporary positions receive training; including, on-the-job, face-to-face or online.