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The following Acts and Regulations are administered by the Commission:

Electoral Act 2004 

The Electoral Act and Regulations under that Act, outline the legislative framework for:

  • the conduct of elections for members of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly;
  • carrying out redistributions of electoral boundaries;
  • the registration of political parties;
  • the maintenance of a financial disclosure framework;
  • matters relating to judicial appeals, electoral offences and the administration of the NT Electoral Commission.

Leaving site iconElectoral Act 2004

Leaving site iconElectoral Regulations 2004

Local Government Act 2008

Since May 2012, the NT Electoral Commission conducts all general NT Local Government (Council) elections. The procedures for conducting these elections are outlined in the following Act and Regulations.

Leaving site iconLocal Government Act 2008

Leaving site iconLocal Government (Electoral) Regulations 2008

Northern Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978

The Northern Territory (Self-Government) Act and the Northern Territory (Self-Government) Regulations outline the constitution and membership criteria for the Legislative Assembly.

Leaving site iconNorthern Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978

Leaving site iconNorthern Territory (Self-Government) Regulations 1978

Referendums Act 1998 

The Referendums Act and Referendums Regulations, outline the legislative framework for the conduct of referenda approved by the Legislative Assembly.

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Leaving site iconReferendums Regulations 1998