2019 NT Electoral Boundary Redistribution

In accordance with Part 8, division 2, s138(2) of the Electoral Act 2004, the redistribution process must start and finish as soon as practicable two years and six months after election day for the previous general election. The last general election was held on Saturday, 27 August 2016; therefore, the redistribution for the 2020 general election must commence in February 2019. The Redistribution Committee is required to place notices in the Gazette and Territory newspapers inviting public suggestions, comments and objections throughout the redistribution.

The boundaries of each division are reviewed and changed, if necessary, so that the number of electors in each division are as near to equal as practicable. Any changes become effective at the next general election in 2020.

In making its redistribution, the Redistribution Committee is bound by section 140 of the Electoral Act 2004 and section 13(4) of the Northern Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978. It is a fair, impartial and transparent process, free of political interference and with several opportunities for public participation. Any individual or organisation has the opportunity to present suggestions, comments or objections to the committee.

The redistribution process is managed by the Redistribution Committee and consists of the following members:

  • the Electoral Commissioner, Mr Iain Loganathan
  • the Surveyor-General, Mr Rob Sarib
  • the Auditor-General, Ms Julie Crisp
  • the appointed member, Trevor Riley (Chair).

2019 NT Electoral Boundary Redistribution Guide

A guide is available and provides key information about the redistribution, including background information and history, the legislative base, the timetable, committee members and the process for making suggestions, comments and objections.