Calculating the quota

The quota is calculated by dividing the whole number of electors in the Territory, as nearly as can be ascertained, by the number of members to be elected.

Section 140B of the Electoral Act 2004 states that:

  1. The Redistribution Committee is responsible for calculating the quota under section 13(4) of the Northern Territory (Self Government) Act 1978.
  2. The calculation must be done as soon as practicable:
    1. after the establishment of the Redistribution Committee; and
    2. after the expiry of the 30-day period for any objections on the first proposed redistribution.
  3. The Redistribution Committee may calculate the quota at any other time during the redistribution process if the committee is of the opinion that calculating the quota would:
    1. improve the accuracy of the redistribution; and
    2. achieve the object of redistribution.

The number of electors in each division can vary within a tolerance of ± one fifth (20%) of the quota. The Administrator may order a redistribution if the number of electors in a division falls above or below 20% of the quota.

Quota for 2019 redistribution

  • Current enrolment for the 2019 Redistribution, as at 15 February, is 137,780 electors. Total number of divisions is 25.
  • Therefore the first quota for the 2019 Redistribution, effective at the 2020 election, is 5,511 electors.