History - NT redistributions

A partly elected, partly nominated Legislative Council was established for the governance of the Northern Territory between 1947 and 1974. Five redistributions were carried out – the first in 1947 for six elected members, the second in 1959 when the number of elected members was increased to eight, 1962 when Aboriginal people were given the vote, 1965 and lastly in 1968 when elected members increased to eleven.

The first distribution into 19 electoral divisions for a wholly elected legislature for the Northern Territory was established by the Minister for the Territory in early 1974 and reported in September 1974. A redistribution in 1977 took account of population movements following Cyclone Tracy.

Following self-government in 1978, electoral terms were extended from three to a maximum of four years. Set-term elections every four years became effective in 2012.

Early distributions were carried out by a three person Distribution Committee, comprising the Chief Electoral Officer, the Surveyor-General and a person appointed by the Administrator. Suggestions were submitted to the committee which released a proposed map, received objections and forwarded a report to the Minister for tabling in, and the approval of, the legislature.

The following table indicates all electoral boundary deliberations for a wholly elected Northern Territory Legislative Assembly since 1974.

YearNumber of divisionsElection when changes came into effect
197419October 1974
197719August 1977, June 1980
198325December 1983
198625March 1987
199025October 1990
199325June 1994
199725August 1997
200025August 2001
200425June 2005
200825August 2008
201125August 2012
201525August 2016

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