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Submissions - How to lodge

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During the redistribution period, any person or organisation wishing to lodge suggestions, make comments on suggestions, or object to the proposed boundaries must do so in writing to the Redistribution Committee by one of the following means.

Electronically (via email)Post (hard copy)Personal delivery (hard copy)
Subject line: Attention Redistribution Committee
GPO Box 2419
Darwin NT 0801
Level 3, TCG Centre
80 Mitchell Street
Darwin NT 0800
Persons forwarding documentation to the committee are advised to check receipt of material by phoning 08 8999 5000

The following table shows opening and closing dates for suggestions, comments on suggestions, and objections for the 2019 NT Electoral Boundary Redistribution.

Public involvementDatesLegislation
Suggestions invited from the public27 February 2019Electoral Act s141
Public suggestions close (30 days)29 March 2019Electoral Act s141
Comments on suggestions invited from the public1 April 2019Electoral Act s142
Comments of suggestions close (14 days)15 April 2019Electoral Act s142
Objections against first proposed redistribution invited from the public15 May 2019Electoral Act s145
Objections to first proposed redistribution close (30 days)14 June 2019Electoral Act s145
Objections to second proposed redistribution invited from the public31 July 2019Electoral Act s145B
Objections to second proposed redistribution close (14 days)14 August 2019Electoral Act s145B(4)
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