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2022 Local Government Representation Reviews

Electoral representation reviews consider how to provide the best community representation at the local government (or council) level in the Northern Territory.

The aim of the representation reviews is to ensure that all voters in a local government area are fairly represented. Recent legislative changes established an independent Local Government Representation Committee (the committee) that will make determinations about ward boundaries and representation for all 17 of the Territory’s councils.

These determinations are made following a process which involves engagement and consultation with stakeholders, including councils and the public. The 2022 Local Government Representation Review will be the first conducted under the new legislation.

Prior to legislative changes, councils conducted their own representation reviews and made recommendations to the Minister for Local Government about any desired changes. The minister then decided if any changes would be made.

New legislative changes came about after it was deemed a conflict of interest for councils to review their representative arrangements. Electoral practice dictates that elected officials should have no formal role in determining boundaries.

The new local government representation review legislation sets up an independent committee and a process similar to the redistribution process used to determine boundaries of Legislative Assembly electorates in the Northern Territory. (Parts 8 and 16 of the Electoral Act 2004.)

Preliminary report

Download a copy of the 2022 LG Representation Review Preliminary Report (PDF, 1.7MB)

Download a copy of the 2022 LG Representation Review Information Guide (PDF, 1.2MB)