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History of changes

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Local government area Representation changes prior to 2021 general elections Representation changes prior to 2017 general elections Representation changes prior to 2012 general elections
Alice Springs Town Council    
Barkly Regional Council  
  • Name change only: Yapurkalangu Ward changed to Kuwarrangu Ward
  • Creation of Alpurrurulam Ward
    (1 member) in the eastern part of existing Alyawarr Ward (4 members)
  • An increase from 3 to 4 wards
Belyuen Community Government Council  
  • Number of members reduced from 8 to 5  (Dept. recommendation)
  • (Under administration from 2007 to 2017)
Central Desert Regional Council    
Coomalie Community Government Council    
  • Change from 6 wards to 3 wards with 2 members each (Gazetted June 2013)
  • (Prior to this was a reduction in members for Batchelor Township Ward from 3 to 1, and Adelaide River Township Ward from 2 to 1. Gazetted February 2013)
Darwin, City of
  • Boundary changes to each of the 4 wards (some suburbs moved to new ward)
  • No changes – but noted a possible future request for a boundary extension to include Berrimah Farm development
  • Boundary changes to 3 of the 4 wards (Chan, Lyons and Waters Wards)
  • Gazetted November 2011
East Arnhem Regional Council   
  • Creation of 2 new wards: Birr Rawarrang Ward and Gumurr Miyarrka Ward with 2 members each (4 to 6 wards)
  • Birr Rawarrang Ward created from existing Gumurr Gatjirrk Ward
  • Gumurr Miyarrka Ward created from existing Gumurra Miwatj Ward
  • Changes to number of members for Anindilyakwa and Gumurr Gattjirk Wards from 3 to 2 (each)
  • Total number of members increased from 12 to 14
Katherine Town Council    
Litchfield Council
  • East Ward abolished
  • Boundary changes to remaining Central, North and South Wards
  • Each ward has 2 members
MacDonnell Regional Council    
Palmerston, City of  
  • Number of members increased from 6 to 7 (council request for  increase to 8 not approved)
  • Requested boundary extension to include land in Pinelands, Elrundie, Berrimah Farm, Holtze and Howard Springs (not approved)
Roper Gulf Regional Council   
  • Changes to boundaries of Never Never (expanded) and Nyirranggulung (reduced) Wards
Tiwi Islands Regional Council  
  • 2 smaller wards (Wurankuwu and Nguiu Wards) merged to form one larger ward (Bathurst Island Ward)
    (Dept. recommendation)
Victoria Daly Regional Council  
  • No changes – but noted a possible future request for a boundary extension to include Douglas Daly area and Lajamanu
  • See West Daly Regional Council for changes made in 2014.
Number of members for Timber Creek Ward reduced from 2 to 1
Wagait Shire Council  
  • Number of members reduced from 7 to 5.
West Arnhem Regional Council
  • Barrah Ward abolished
  • Former Barrah ward area divided into 2 wards: Minjilang Ward (1 member) and Warruwi Ward (1 member)
  • Number of members for Maningrida Ward increased from 3 to 4
  • Number of members for Barrah Ward was reduced from 3 to 2
    (both Dept. recommendations)
West Daly Regional Council  
  • 3 wards from Victoria Daly Regional Council were transferred to create a new local government area West Daly: Nganmarriyanga (1 member), Thamarrurr/ Pindi Pindi (4 members) and Tyemirri ( 1 member) Wards
  • Gazetted June 2014, came into effect 1 July 2014