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Maps - preliminary and prospective

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Preliminary maps

The preliminary report included 2 scenarios for wards in Palmerston (below). After consulting with the City of Palmerston, the committee determined that these 4 ward scenarios were not suitable. The final report put forward 2 scenarios of 3 wards. The Minister for Local Government will choose  which scenario of 3 wards to implement. You can view the final ward boundaries for all local government councils on our maps-final page.

Prospective maps

The committee developed a prospective scenario for Alice Springs, which was not implemented as part of the 2022 Local Government Representation Reviews. The scenario was created for future committees to consider.

For further information regarding proposed changes to representation in the NT, please refer to the committee’s preliminary report.

If you would like copies of these maps in a file format suitable for a GIS application, please email your request to the secretariat at