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Submissions - how to lodge

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The second consultation period is now open. Submissions about the [proposed representation] close on 4 November 2022.

Anyone can make a submission with comments or recommendations about electoral representation in council areas. There are 2 public consultation rounds built into the timetable for the reviews.

All 17 councils in the Northern Territory will be contacted and encouraged to make submissions. Individual council members, and prospective candidates, can make their own submissions separate to the council’s submission.

Other stakeholders and individuals are also encouraged ... read more about how to lodge a submission.

Representation reviews are an important part of democracy. They aim to ensure that all voters in a local government area are fairly represented.

Input from councils, elected and prospective councillors, other local government stakeholders, and other individuals (constituents, voters, local business owners and the general public) assist the committee in understanding local issues.

This provides the committee with the views of those likely to be impacted by its decisions, potentially raise issues not considered by the committee, and often raises awareness of local issues in general ... read more

The committee may determine:

  • if a local government area is divided into wards:
    • that the local government area remain divided into the same wards or be divided into different wards; or
    • that the local government area should not be divided into wards; or
  • if a local government area is not divided into wards:
    • that the local government area remain that way; or
    • that the local government area should be divided into wards.

If the committee is making determinations concerning current ward structures, or is investigating the introduction of wards, then they must further consider the desirability of a number of factors ... read more