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Division of Casuarina

History of name

The division was created for the first Legislative Assembly election in 1974. It is named after the main business district of the northern suburbs which took its name from Casuarina Beach, where there are numerous beach sheoak trees (Casuarina Equestiplia).


The division of Casuarina lies on the northern coastline of Darwin. It includes the suburbs of Brinkin, Casuarina, Lee Point, Lyons, Nakara, and Tiwi (including the hospital precinct), as well as a small portion of Alawa and Muirhead.
Approx. area: 12 km²


L J MossALP2014 - Present
K VatskalisALP2001 - Sep 2014
P F AdamsonCLP1994 - 2001
N M DondasCLP1974 - 1994

Division of Casuarina