Adults and community groups

The NT Electoral Commission (NTEC) offers education programs, customised presentations and information sessions, as well as resources to government agencies, businesses, organisations and community groups.

English as a second language (ESL)

NTEC also has specific education programs for adults who do not have English as a first language. These programs use ESL teaching techniques, including simple visuals, hands on activities and a mock election with a vote counting exercise to help develop understanding about:

  • democracy
  • three levels of government
  • who can vote
  • compulsory voting
  • secret ballot
  • democratic elections
  • how to vote
  • how votes are counted.


List - three levels of governmentPoster - three levels of government
Poster labels - three levels of governmentDemocratic elections
New voting vocabulary
Ballot paper
Ballot paper
Instructions (Teacher)
Voting and counting
PowerPoint presentations
BeginnerIntermediate and above

More information: Please contact our Education and Engagement Officer, Karen Parker, on 8999 7634 or email