School elections

The NT Electoral Commission (NTEC) can help you run student representative council and house captain elections at your school. it is our preference to run elections using the preferential system but schools can ultimately decide on which election system they would like to use.

We offer varying amounts of assistance depending on what you need for your school-based election:

  • Full election - We can conduct the entire election on your behalf by providing staff and all relevant voting equipment including ballot papers (although schools are responsible for collecting nominations). The NTEC staff will set up the voting area, supervise the voting, count the votes and provide the results.
  • Training - We can provide training to a team of teachers and/or students who will then conduct the election on their own (with or without borrowed voting equipment from the NTEC). They will learn about election protocols, informal voting and how to count votes in a preferential election.
  • Voting equipment - We can supply some or all of the required voting equipment for you to run you own school election; including, ballot papers (either pre-printed or a template), voting screens, ballot boxes and results sheets. These can be delivered and picked up from your school as required.

Please contact our Education and Engagement Officer Karen Parker on 8999 7634 or email for more information.