Recent changes to the Electoral Act 2004 (the Act) implement a new scheme to regulate political donations and campaign expenditure across candidates, political parties, associated entities and third party campaigners. The new scheme commenced on 1 January 2020 and are in place for the Division of Johnston by-election.

Disclosure overview - information sheet

Associated entities - information sheet

Candidates - information sheet

Registered Political Parties - information sheet

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Disclosure returns

Access the disclosure returns all candidates, political parties, associated entities and third-party campaigners are required to complete.

Register of third-party campaigners

Section 175M of the Act states that the NT Electoral Commission is required to keep a register of third-party campaigners in respect to each election.

What is a third-party campaigner?

A third-party campaigner is a person who or entity that incurs or expects to incur more than $1,000 of political expenditure during the capped expenditure period, but does not include a candidate, a registered political party or an associated entity. The capped expenditure period for the Johnston by-election is the period from Thursday, 6 February to Monday, 30 March 2020. The disclosure return is due by Wednesday, 29 April 2020.


Register of third-party campaigners - 2020 Johnston by-election

Need to register as a third-party campaigner?

Application: Register as a third-party campaigner