Information for candidates

Campaign activities near voting centres

A person must not engage in a campaign activity during voting hours:

  • within 10 metres of the entrance to an early voting centre, including airspace. This includes all early voting centres and mobile voting locations.
  • within 100 metres of the entrance to an election day voting centre, including airspace.

Campaign activity means:

  • canvassing for votes
  • soliciting the vote of a person
  • inducing a person not to vote for a particular candidate
  • inducing a person not to vote at the election
  • exhibiting a notice or sign relating to the election
  • using a loud speaker, public address system or any other tool to enhance the volume of a sound to broadcast matter that is audible.

A person must not wear or display a badge, emblem, t-shirt, poster or other thing associated with a political party or candidate in a voting centre.

Designated campaign area (Election Day)

The Commission will assign an area within the prohibition zone on election day where limited campaign activity is allowed. Each registered candidate will be allowed up to three campaign workers in the designated area and each person must complete the relevant appointment form.

Designated campaign area appointment form

A person engaged to represent a candidate in the designated campaign area will be able to conduct the following:

  • Canvass for votes
  • Solicit the vote of a person
  • Hand out how-to-vote cards

The only campaign materials that are allowed within this area are campaign t-shirts and 'how-to-vote' material, all other campaign material including A-frames, corflutes, tables and chairs are prohibited.

Note: A designated campaign area must be:

  • accessible to voters; and
  • avoidable by voters who do not wish to engage with campaigners.

The Commission will provide written notice to all candidates of the designated campaign area as soon as practicable after it is confirmed. If there is any doubt about an exclusion zone or designated area, campaigners should confer with the officer-in-charge of the voting centre.

Election Day voting centres

View the election day voting centre maps showing the campaign prohibition zones.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct requirements for campaign workers are to be read in conjunction with the electoral offences outlined in section 295 of the Electoral Act 2004.

Code of conduct - campaign workers

Placement of signage

Candidates and political parties are encouraged to check signage policies and by-laws of their local council, Department of Infrastructure, and Power and Water Corporation when determining where to place campaign material.

Forms and handbook

Candidate handbook

Code of conduct - campaign workers

Designated campaign area appointment form

Nomination form - endorsed candidate

Nomination form - independent candidate (i.e. not endorsed by a political party)

Prohibition of canvassing - 100 metres

Scrutineer appointment form

Withdrawal of nomination form


Electoral Act 2004

Electoral Regulations 2004

Northern Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978

More information: Standing as a candidate for NT Legislative Assembly elections.