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Lyons Ward by-election

Campaign activities near voting centres

A person must not engage in a campaign activity during voting hours within 10 metres of the entrance to an early voting centre, election day voting centre or a mobile voting location.

Campaign activity means:

  • canvassing for votes
  • soliciting the vote of a person
  • inducing a person not to vote for a particular candidate
  • inducing a person not to vote at the election
  • exhibiting a notice or sign relating to the election
  • using a loud speaker, public address system or any other tool to enhance the volume of a sound to broadcast matter that is audible.

A person must not wear or display a badge, emblem, t-shirt, poster or other thing associated with a candidate in a voting centre.

Code of conduct

The following code of conduct requirements for campaign workers are to be read in conjunction with the electoral offences outlined in part 5 of the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2008.

Candidates or campaign workers must not:

  • use language that provokes violence towards other candidate campaign workers or members of the public
  • intimidate candidates or voters
  • enter the prohibition zone set by the officer-in-charge of the voting centre
  • publish or display false information about other candidates
  • plagiarise any other candidates acronym or symbol
  • offer any inducement or reward to a person to vote for a candidate
  • destroy, remove or deface posters belonging to other candidates.

A person who does not comply with these conditions may be removed from the voting centre by the officer-in-charge or by the police.

Penalties may apply.