How to fill in your ballot paper

Picture of a completed ballot paper for Legislative Assembly elections✍🏽

NT Legislative Assembly elections use the full preferential voting system where you must show a preference for all candidates listed on the ballot paper.

You must place the number 1 in the candidate square on the ballot paper for the candidate you want as your first choice. You then must place consecutively increasing whole numbers (starting with the number 2) in the candidate square on the ballot paper for each of the other candidates until a number is placed in all candidate squares.

A ballot paper is only formal if you have indicated a first preference and consecutively numbered all squares. A number in the series may not be repeated or skipped. You cannot use ticks or crosses to mark your ballot paper, you must use numbers.

Alterations to numbers will not make a ballot paper informal, provided your intention is clear, for example a number can be crossed out and another number written beside it.

Information sheet (PDF 539KB) - Ballot paper formality

Videos that show you how to fill in your ballot paper correctly

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