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The electoral roll for the 2021 Local Government Elections closed on Tuesday 27 July.

Check your current enrolment online

Check your current enrolment details online. You will be redirected to the Australian Electoral Commission website. Alternatively you can call us on 1800 698 683.

Enrolment by council

CouncilNumber enrolled
Alice Springs Town Council15,756
Barkly Regional Council4,072
Belyuen Community Government Council138
Central Desert Regional Council2,474
Coomalie Community Government Council631
City of Darwin51,060
East Arnhem Regional Council6,170
Katherine Town Council6,321
Litchfield Council12,374
MacDonnell Regional Council3,541
City of Palmerston23,559
Roper Gulf Regional Council3,902
Tiwi Islands Regional Council1,650
Victoria Daly Regional Council1,712
Wagait Shire Council299
West Arnhem Regional Council3,578
West Daly Regional Council1,868

Enrolment by ward

CouncilWardNumber enrolled
Alice Springs Town CouncilWhole of LGA (Councillor)15,756
Barkly Regional CouncilAlpurrurulam Ward181
Barkly Regional CouncilAlyawarr Ward1,555
Barkly Regional CouncilKuwarrangu Ward449
Barkly Regional CouncilPatta Ward1,887
Belyuen Community Government CouncilBelyuen138
Central Desert Regional CouncilAkityarre Ward257
Central Desert Regional CouncilAnmatjere Ward979
Central Desert Regional CouncilNorthern Tanami Ward357
Central Desert Regional CouncilSouthern Tanami Ward881
Coomalie Community Government CouncilAdelaide River Ward216
Coomalie Community Government CouncilBatchelor Township Ward172
Coomalie Community Government CouncilCoomalie Rural Ward243
City of DarwinChan Ward12,537
City of DarwinLyons Ward13,159
City of DarwinRichardson Ward12,526
City of DarwinWaters Ward12,838
East Arnhem Regional CouncilAnindilyakwa Ward871
East Arnhem Regional CouncilBirr Rawarrang Ward677
East Arnhem Regional CouncilGumurr Gattjirrk Ward773
East Arnhem Regional CouncilGumurr Marthakal Ward1,558
East Arnhem Regional CouncilGumurr Miwatj Ward1,470
East Arnhem Regional CouncilGumurr Miyarrka Ward821
Katherine Town CouncilWhole of LGA (Councillor)6,321
Litchfield CouncilCentral Ward4,253
Litchfield CouncilNorth Ward3,942
Litchfield CouncilSouth Ward4,179
MacDonnell Regional CouncilIyarrka Ward776
MacDonnell Regional CouncilLjirapinta Ward651
MacDonnell Regional CouncilLuritja Pintubi Ward1,040
MacDonnell Regional CouncilRodinga Ward1,074
City of PalmerstonWhole of LGA (Alderman)23,559
Roper Gulf Regional CouncilNever Never Ward811
Roper Gulf Regional CouncilNumbulwar Numburindi Ward493
Roper Gulf Regional CouncilNyirranggulung Ward889
Roper Gulf Regional CouncilSouth West Gulf Ward948
Roper Gulf Regional CouncilYugul Mangi Ward761
Tiwi Islands Regional CouncilBathurst Island1,092
Tiwi Islands Regional CouncilMilikapiti Ward298
Tiwi Islands Regional CouncilPirlangimpi Ward260
Victoria Daly Regional CouncilDaguragu Ward434
Victoria Daly Regional CouncilMilngin Ward361
Victoria Daly Regional CouncilPine Creek Ward202
Victoria Daly Regional CouncilTimber Creek Ward407
Victoria Daly Regional CouncilWalangeri Ward308
Wagait Shire CouncilWhole of LGA (Councillor)299
West Arnhem Regional CouncilGunbalanya Ward845
West Arnhem Regional CouncilKakadu Ward527
West Arnhem Regional CouncilManingrida Ward1,753
West Arnhem Regional CouncilMinjilang Ward161
West Arnhem Regional CouncilWarruwi Ward292
West Daly Regional CouncilNganmarriyanga Ward208
West Daly Regional CouncilThamarrurr/Pindi Pindi Ward1,571
West Daly Regional CouncilTyemirri Ward89