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Campaign activities near voting centres

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Canvassing restrictions at early voting centres

In-person campaigning at early voting centres in Darwin, Casuarina, Coolalinga, Katherine and Palmerston is not permitted. It is the decision of a council or proprietor of a shopping centre as to whether they allow canvassing activities on their property. This also applies to the display of signs and posters.

The electoral commission will provide brochure stands at all early voting locations for the display of how-to-vote material (maximum A4 size). Candidates should provide a sufficient supply of their material to the commission or the voting centre manager as early as possible.

The following locations do not allow in-person canvassing of any kind on their property, including carparks and footpaths. Councils and shopping centre management have advised they will remove any person, sign, or poster that breach this order.

  • Casuarina Library
  • Coolalinga Central
  • Darwin Entertainment Centre
  • Gateway Shopping Centre
  • Katherine Central Shopping Centre
  • Palmerston Shopping Centre

Canvassing (in-person, posters or signs) is allowed at the following locations; however, the 10 metre exclusion zone applies. These voting centres will also have brochure stands available.

  • Alice Springs Town Council
  • Tennant Creek Council Chambers

What can I do at voting centres that allow campaign activity?

A person must not engage in a campaign activity during voting hours within 10 metres of the entrance of an early, remote or election day voting centre, including airspace.

Campaign activity means:

  • canvassing for votes
  • soliciting the vote of a person
  • inducing a person not to vote for a particular candidate
  • inducing a person not to vote at the election
  • exhibiting a notice or sign relating to the election
  • using a loud speaker, public address system or any other tool to enhance the volume of a sound to broadcast matter that is audible.

A person must not wear or display a badge, emblem, t-shirt, poster or other thing associated with a political party or candidate in a voting centre.

Code of conduct

The following code of conduct requirements for campaign workers are to be read in conjunction with the electoral offences outlined in part 5 of the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2021.

Candidates or campaign workers must not:

  • use language that provokes violence towards other candidate campaign workers or members of the public
  • intimidate candidates or voters
  • enter the prohibition zone set by the voting centre manager
  • publish or display false information about other candidates
  • plagiarise any other candidates acronym or symbol
  • offer any inducement or reward to a person to vote for a candidate
  • destroy, remove or deface posters belonging to other candidates.

A person who does not comply with these conditions may be removed from the voting centre by the officer-in-charge or by the police.

Penalties may apply.

Download the code of conduct via the following link:

Placement of election signage

Candidates should check signage policies and by-laws of their local council, Department of Infrastructure, and Power and Water Corporation when determining where to place campaign material.

During election campaigns a number of complaints are received concerning the placement of signs in public areas and on private property. Check council policies and guidelines when determining where to place campaign material to best effect and be mindful of safety, size and content. Ask permission from building and/or property owners before putting up signage.

The following links provide information on signage guidelines and codes: