The NT Legislative Assembly general election timetable is determined by the Electoral Act which specifies:

  • Issue of writ: Twenty days before election day
  • Close of electoral roll: Two days after the issue of the writ
  • Close of nominations: Four days after the issue of the writ at 12:00 noon
  • Election day: Fourth Saturday in August every four years


The writ is a legal document, issued by the Administrator of the Northern Territory, authorising the Electoral Commissioner (EC) to conduct an election for the Legislative Assembly. The writ sets out the key dates for the election and the EC is required to give public notice of receipt of the writ.

After the declaration of election results, the EC endorses the writ with the names of the successful candidates and returns the writ to the Administrator.

Close of electoral roll

The electoral roll is closed two days after the writ is issued. You must enrol at your current residential address so you can vote for the candidates in your electoral division.

NOTE: You can still update your address details after the close of roll; however, you will be 'captured' on the roll for your previous address and you must provide this address when voting. Updating your details after the close of roll for an election ensures your details are correct for future events.

Close of nominations

Any person wanting to stand as a candidate must lodge a correctly completed nomination form after the close of electoral roll and before the close of nominations at 12:00 noon, four days after the issue of the writ. The public declaration of nominations and draw for positions on the ballot paper takes place soon after nominations close.

Election timetable

Day no.DayTimeEventElectoral Act section/s
Week 1
1Monday Issue of writs28



8:00 pm

Close of electoral roll

(two days after issue of writ)




12:00 noon

Close of nominations

(four days after issue of writ)

Draw for positions on ballot paper

s28 and s34s

s37 and s41

 Determined by the Commission  Early and postal voting commences (ASAP after ballot papers are printed) s62 and s69

Remote voting commences

(nine days after issue of writ)

s3,  s62 and s69
Week 2
16Tuesday6:00 pmPostal mail-out ceases to overseas addressess62(3)(a)
Week 3
18Thursday6:00 pmPostal mail-out ceases to Australian addressess62(3)(b)
19Friday6:00 pmEarly voting ceasess3
20Saturday8:00 am to 6:00 pmElection day (nineteen days after issue of writ)s3 and s28
Week 4



12:00 noon

Deadline for receipt of postal votes

(second Friday after election day)


36* Monday10:00 amFormal declaration of election resultss131
* NT Electoral Commission policy - not set by legislation.