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Fee-for-service elections

The Electoral Act 2004 allows the Northern Territory Electoral Commission to undertake fee-for-service elections on behalf of organisations.

For the commission to conduct an election, the following minimum provisions must be in place:

  • The ballot must be secret (that is, not a show of hands).
  • Elections will be conducted in their entirety by the commission.
  • Electors must be informed of the event.
  • Each elector will have one vote, subject to the rules of the organisation concerned.
  • Electors will be provided with a reasonable opportunity to vote.
  • The ballot material will be retained by the commission until at least the close of the period of challenge.
  • There is provision for the appointment of scrutineers.
  • The roll will be available to candidates and scrutineers at an election of a YES-NO ballot.

An election or ballot is conducted in accordance with electoral rules approved by the organisation concerned. Depending on the rules of that organisation, electoral rules may be incorporated within a constitution or referred to briefly in the constitution and expanded upon in a separate set of rules.

The electoral process must be clearly defined within those rules. The commission suggests that the following fundamental features be addressed in any election rules.

  • An election timetable and notification of key dates and times.
  • The appointment of a returning officer.
  • Clear guidelines as to who can vote and the closing date, production and certification of a roll of eligible voters.
  • Positions for election and order of election.
  • Nomination qualifications and procedures.
  • Voting facilities (for example attendance ballot or postal voting) and procedures.
  • The voting and vote counting system.

In the case of a ballot, an agreed form of words on which voters are asked to express their view.

It is also best practice to ensure that elections are conducted in the most transparent and ethical manner.


For the electoral commission to conduct a ballot, the following charges will apply:

  • Staffing costs - normal and overtime for permanent staff, plus any casual staff.
  • Accommodation or travel costs (if required).
  • Reimbursement of costs associated with: printing of ballot papers; postage according to Australia Post charges; and envelopes, stationery and materials used.
  • A management fee.

Please contact us on 08 8999 5000 if you require advice, more information or would like us to conduct an election for you.

The commission's availability to conduct fee-for-service elections may depend on its workload and other election commitments.