Completing your ballot paper | NTEC

Completing your ballot paper

Voting is compulsory in Northern Territory Legislative Assembly elections. The voting system used is full preferential where you must show a preference for all candidates listed on the ballot paper.

You must place the number 1 in the candidate square on the ballot paper for the person you want as your first choice. You must then place consecutively increasing whole numbers (starting with the number 2) in the candidate square on the ballot paper for each of the other candidates until a number is placed in all squares.

A ballot paper is formal if you have shown a first preference and numbered all squares in order of your choice. You must not repeat or skip a number in the series.

Changes to numbers will not make your ballot paper informal. For example, you can cross a number out and write another number beside it if you have made a mistake. As long as your intention is clear your vote will count.

Read the following information sheets on preferential voting and ballot paper formality.

Watch one of the following videos to learn how to fill in your ballot paper (available in 14 Aboriginal languages including English).