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2021 Coomalie Community Government Council - Batchelor Township Ward by-election timetable

Friday 29 October Nominations open
Tuesday 2 November5:00 pmElectoral roll closes

Friday 5 November

12:00 pm
Nominations close
1:00 pm Declaration of nominations and draw for position on ballot paper/s
Monday 8 November  Postal vote mail-out commences
Monday 15 November
8:00 amEarly voting commences
Tuesday 16 November
6:00 pm
Overseas postal voting despatch ceases
Wednesday 17 November
9:00 amMobile voting commences
Thursday 18 November
6:00 pmAll postal voting despatch ceases
Friday 19 November4:30 pmEarly voting ceases

Saturday 20 November

9:00 am
2:30 pm
Election day voting commences
Election day voting ceases
Mobile voting ceases
Primary counts of ordinary, postal and early votes commences
Monday 22 November
9:00 amDeclaration vote verification checks, commence recheck of all counts
Thursday 25 November9:00 amPrimary counts of accepted declaration votes, further postal counts
Friday 3 December
12:00 noon
1:00 pm
2:30 pm
Deadline for receipt of postal votes
Final count of postal votes commences
Distribution of preferences
Monday 6 December
10:00 amDeclaration of election result