Expression of interest in casual/temporary employment with the NTEC

Complete this form if you are interested in casual or temporary employment with the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC). Please complete ALL sections so that your application may be properly assessed. More information is at employment opportunities (casual)

NTEC employees MUST be registered on the electoral roll and cannot be, or seen to be, politically active.

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NT government employment
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Name and personal details
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Electoral roll
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English language proficiency
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Other languages
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Equal employment opportunity

This information is requested for statistical purposes only and has no bearing on selection for any position.
Your assistance in completing this section is appreciated but not compulsory.

I am an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
I have a disability
I am from a culturally and linguistically diverse background

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I am available during business hours on the following days Business hours are generally 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
I am available outside business hours on the following days Generally after 4:30 pm Monday-Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday
Positions available
I wish to express interest in temporary employment in the following location(s)/position(s)

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Electoral experience
I have been employed previously with the NTEC, AEC or another electoral authority.

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Education qualifications
Computer skills
General skills and experience
I have a current first aid certificate *
I am willing to travel on dirt roads and in light aircraft *
I have a current driver's licence *
I have access to a vehicle *
I have a 4WD certificate *
I have 4WD experience *
I have experience working in a remote community *
I have field work experience *
I have management experience, and skills, including staff supervision *
I have face-to-face public/customer contact experience and skills *
I have telephone and written communication experience/skills *
I have clerical/general office experience/skills *
I have other relevant experience/skills *

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Current employment

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Privacy statement

The information collected will be used for the purpose of enabling the NT Electoral Commission to carry out its responsibilities as an employer under the Electoral Act and the Public Sector Employment and Management Act and related NT Government employment, superannuation, taxation and audit legislation.

Are you subject of any criminal charge(s) still pending before a court?

You are required to inform the NT Electoral Commission about all criminal convictions that are not spent convictions. Any conviction by a criminal court is a criminal conviction.

The NT Electoral Commission will assess whether the conviction recorded is relevant to your proposed employment. Any failure to disclose a conviction, that is not a spent conviction, will result in you being assessed as unsuitable for employment.

Do you have any convictions or findings of guilt:
  • that are less than 10 years old (or less than 5 years old if juvenile) or
  • that are over 10 years old (or over 5 years old if juvenile), where the sentence imposed was greater than 30 months imprisonment?

If you have a conviction history you must provide details below. The information recorded does not necessarily preclude you from being considered for employment.

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Please tick the box below to confirm your declaration *

I declare that:

  • The information I have supplied on this form is correct and
  • I am not affiliated with any political organisation

I understand that submitting this form does not in any way guarantee that I will be offered employment.

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