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2022 Fannie Bay by-election: counting finished

NEWS / 20 Aug 2022

Counting in the Fannie Bay by-election has finished for the night. Labor candidate Brent Potter with 1,745 votes leads CLP candidate Ben Hosking with 1,597 in the two candidate preferred count by 148 votes.

All early, election day and returned postal votes have been counted.

In total, 3,434 electors from an enrolment figure of 5,439 turned out to vote in the by-election.

That number represents 63.1 per cent of the electorate with a further 260 postal votes potentially to be returned to the NTEC over the next 2 weeks.

In the 2020 Territory Election 80.9 per cent of electors voted in Fannie Bay.

Electoral Commissioner Iain Loganathan said the turnout was disappointing.

“Turnout at the Daly by-election last year was 66% which is a remote division. As an urban division a much higher turnout was expected Mr Loganathan said.

A re-check of tonight’s count will commence on Monday 22 August.

The official declaration of the result of the election will be held following the Friday 2 September deadline for the return of postal votes.

The progressive tally for the by-election can be found on the NTEC website here.

For more information about the Fannie Bay by-election go to

2022 Fannie Bay by-election: timetable released

NEWS / 28 Jul 2022

Following the resignation of Northern Territory MLA Michael Gunner yesterday evening, a by-election for the Legislative Assembly Division of Fannie Bay will be conducted on 20 August.

The Administrator of the Northern Territory issued the writ for the by-election today and in accordance with the Electoral Act 2004 a 24-day election period has been set.

The electoral roll for the by-election will close at 5pm tomorrow.

Nominations for candidates will close at 12 noon on Thursday 4 August.

Electoral Commissioner Iain Loganathan reminded all potential electors in the Fannie Bay electorate to check they are correctly enrolled at their current address.

“Because it is a very tight time frame for the election to be held, there is less than 24 hours for electors to make sure they are correctly enrolled to vote,” Mr Loganathan said.

The full by-election timetable and a map of the Fannie Bay electorate which includes the suburbs of Fannie Bay, Ludmilla, Parap, The Gardens and East Point is available on the NTEC website.

For more information about the Fannie Bay by-election go to

New local government disclosure requirements for candidates

NEWS / 30 Jun 2022

At at 1 July 2022, candidates contesting local government elections are now required to submit a donation disclosure return.

Part 8.6 of the Local Government Act 2019 (the Act) introduces donation disclosure requirements for candidates at local government general elections and by-elections in the Northern Territory.

These disclosure requirements are significantly different to the financial disclosure scheme in place for Legislative Assembly elections in the Territory.

In particular, only candidates standing in a local government election are required to submit a campaign donation return, and only if they meet a threshold. This campaign donation return is only required for one election period and with no expenditure return or annual return obligations. Donors and lenders are not required to submit returns of donation disclosure.

More information:

2022 Federal Election: Saturday 21 May

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Supplementary and by-elections for local government

NEWS / 29 Jan 2022

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